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" The Bounder Duty of Man is to Serve Man"


Director General

Rev.Yatawatte Dhammananda Thero      (BA Hons,MA) The chief incumbent Asian Buddhist Librarian and J.P. all Island
Chief Consultant
Master Ting Chwee Liuk   (The chief incumbent of luan mengpah Thien Temple in Singapore)
Miss Klara Tomaskova    (Director k.cearch)                     Czech Republic
Mr. Torsak Chotimongkol

B(Chief Executive officer) Pi Do International Co.Ltd Bangkok, Thailand

Director (Co-ordination)
Rev.Makkanigama Buddhadaththa Thero  (B.A.)
Director (Administration)
Mr. Sumith Liyanarachchi (Assistant Director of Petrolium Corporation)


Director (Planing)
Mr. Ranatunga Bandara (Managing Director of Evident School) 
Director (Finance)
Mr. Ruwan Dunusinga (Manager - Swallow Quick Cabs)   


Path to Liberation


Wait      and       listening


Meditation  to rediscover the joy
The meditation is not an action  to complete, it is rather a state  of the being, a condition in which we are in that moment 
meditation cannot be made, we can be only in a meditative state  and to leave that the meditation happens from it
Meditation is first of all expansion of our state of Conscience, of ours awareness it is overcoming of the confinements 
mental that make us believe  to be separate individuals  from the everything
BENEFITS  Ending Anguish, Despair, Suffering, Pain Peace of Mind Self-Realization of the Ultimate Truth
     -Daily meditations  every day a new teach


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