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" The Bounder Duty of Man is to Serve Man"


Director General

Rev.Yatawatte Dhammananda Thero      (BA Hons,MA) The chief incumbent Asian Buddhist Librarian and J.P. all Island
Chief Consultant
Master Ting Chwee Liuk   (The chief incumbent of luan mengpah Thien Temple in Singapore)
Miss Klara Tomaskova    (Director k.cearch)                     Czech Republic
Mr. Torsak Chotimongkol

B(Chief Executive officer) Pi Do International Co.Ltd Bangkok, Thailand

Director (Co-ordination)
Rev.Makkanigama Buddhadaththa Thero  (B.A.)
Director (Administration)
Mr. Sumith Liyanarachchi (Assistant Director of Petrolium Corporation)


Director (Planing)
Mr. Ranatunga Bandara (Managing Director of Evident School) 
Director (Finance)
Mr. Ruwan Dunusinga (Manager - Swallow Quick Cabs)   


Discover Buddhism dhamma school buddhapuja

Charitha Bhikkawe Charikan Buhujana hithaya bahujana sukhaya   

The great obligation of the man is to serve the man.

Providing aid

The International Buddhist Social Service Foundation (IBCSF) established in 2002 is a non government organization which caters for the fundamental needs of human being in Sri Lanka. The human resource is invaluable in any country. The Lord Buddha’s statement Charika Bhikkawe Charikan Buhujanahithaya BahuJana Sukhaya’’ means that obligation of the Bhikku is to serve the man for their wellbeing. Considering the statement of the Loard Bhddha, the IBCSF has been devoted its full strength to serve the people is Sri Lanka especially the poor. The IBSF has been established at Bahirawa Kanda,Sri Maha Bodhi Viharaya in Kandy. The Sri Maha Bodhi Viharaya at Bahirawakanda is a very attractive and hilly place in the Kandy Town. This is a center for carrying out national as well as international Buddhist relations. Many tourists are attracted by this temple. With the help of local as well as foreign donors , the IBCSF is in fro front to giving hand to the needy people in Sri Lanka. It is significant to mention here that the financial aids received from mainly Master Ting Chwee Luck in Singapore and Mrs. KLARA TOMASKOVA in Chek Republican The IBSF has been managed to achieve its objective with contributions made as resource persons and administration of the activities by the University academics and others. The IBCSF is expected to strengthen its social welfare activation through out Sri Lanka

Vision - Charitha Bhikkawe Charikan Buhujana hithaya bahujana sukhaya
Mission -Our motto  Based on this " The great obligation of the man is to serve the man”.,
our mission is to giving hand to the people to minimize their poverty, helping the poor in education , encouraging unemployed youth in self employment and there by uplift the standard of living of the people in Sri Lanka.
Objectives - Strengthening self esteem of the nation  Helping the poor in their needs, hosing, infrastructure facilities etc. Helping the poor in the situation of sudden disasters  Awarding scholarships to school children 
Helping youth in self employment
Welfare Services Rendered to the Nation  The IBCSF has carried out a fair amount of welfare services to the poor community over the years. They can be summarised as follows

Built 21 houses for homeless peoples
Donations for the elderly people in home
Donation of grounds and money for houses
Shoes for 70 students
Cloths for female children school
Wheell chair for poor ladies
Material things for about 1200 students
Donated 14 sewing machine to poor peoples
Wall around bodhi tree 
Two water projects
Children park
Build a school building in  Thabuttegama
Two worship
Two dharma hall
Two monastery building
Useful things for a hospital and many others charities
 Dana ceremonies for buddhist monks
Donation of groceries and foods
fans around nursery school and built a toilet, steps to a  temple,sponsoring 10 temples electricity bills,dhamma school for childrens and deaf and  blind students  school

future projects  Dateils




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Tsunami Relief ( Realized projects )  and future project for the poor peoples

Tsunami Relief

Project in Auradapura Details
Project in Kandy area Dateils

The Benefits of Giving  

Giving of yourself to others not only benefits them; it also makes you more open emotionally, more positive and more aligned with the spiritual energies of life.

One of the best methods for encouraging emotional openness is to pay more attention to giving to other people. We all tend to focus a lot on ourselves — our own desires, interests and pursuits. That's natural. If we don't pay enough attention to ourselves, it will be hard to accomplish our important purposes in life. But sometimes we become so self-absorbed that we don't pay enough attention to other people. This tends to close us emotionally.

When you open to other people, you establish a bridge between yourself and that which exists outside your private experience. You invite the experience and the love of other people into your life. This can help you expand and deepen your emotions.

If you work to open to other people, you'll want to balance the attention you give yourself with the attention you give to the people in your life. A good way to monitor yourself each day is to use the image of a balance scale. On one side, imagine all of the attention you've focused on yourself. See it pulling down that side of the scale. If you don't give your attention to anybody else that day, your scale will be way out of balance. By giving to others, you'll bring your scale more into balance.

We all tend to pay more attention to ourselves in a typical day than we do to other people. But this image of the scale will at least help you see when you're totally caught up with yourself and not giving at all to others.

You can also think in terms of energies flowing into you and out of you. Giving your attention to yourself is a taking in of energy. Giving to others is a going out of energy. No matter how wonderful it is to care for yourself, if that's all you do, then you'll only take in energy, and you'll become overstuffed or blocked. Your human energies in your personality can temporarily become unbalanced toward the self, and that can result in selfishness and the creation of a gap between yourself and other people.

When you give to others, you begin the outpouring of your energies — your energies of caring, compassion and loving. Such an outpouring creates experiences that are very important for you. They can broaden and expand your human expression, stimulating deeper love and fulfillment within you. Also, other people benefit a great deal from what you give them. Seeing them benefit from your giving can bring great joy into your life, which will prompt deeper emotional openings within you.

It would be quite unusual, and perhaps even impossible, for you to live every moment of your life perfectly balanced between taking in energies for yourself and pouring out energies to other people. It's simply not in our human nature to be that uniform or that perfect. Human nature is volatile and robust. It's experimental, you might say. So to guide yourself in your balance between taking for yourself and giving to others, you can think in terms of making continual adjustments every day instead of trying to be perfect.

You must decide each day what you will give, to whom, when, where and how. As you make these decisions, it's wise to balance what you desire to give with what others need to receive. So it's always wise to ask people, "What do you need? How can I help?"

Most people need to receive compassion, warmth, encouragement and love from others. In almost every moment of your life, the people around you will deeply need these gifts from you. If you're willing to give them, not only will others benefit, but you'll be opening emotionally through giving.

The gentle emotional openings you make when you try to care more about others, give to them and be kind and generous to them, will soften your own personality. When you soften, you create more thoughts and feelings that are positive, creative and more aligned with the true spiritual energies of life.

By becoming softer through your willingness to try to be kind, sensitive and generous to others, you'll create a strong, positive and beneficial reflective action back into your own personality patterns. This will stimulate those patterns toward growth and fulfillment.

Now, here are two things you can do to use these insights in your life.

First, visualize a balance scale with the attention you've paid to yourself today on one side, and the attention you've given to others on the opposite side, and ask yourself if it is evenly balanced. If not, try giving more freely to others. You'll bring joy into both your life and theirs.

Second, make a point of asking people what they need and how you can help them, for different people have different needs. But almost everyone requires warmth, encouragement and love, and by giving these gifts you'll be opening yourself emotionally and stimulating your own spiritual growth.

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