" The Bounder Duty of Man is to Serve Man"

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General Director

Rev.Yatawatte Dhammananda Thero      (BA Hons,MA) The chief incumbent Asian Buddhist Librarian and J.P. all Island
Chief Consultant
Master Ting Chwee Liuk   (The chief incumbent of luan mengpah Thien Temple in Singapore)
Miss Klara Tomaskova    (Director k.cearch)                     Czech Republic
Mr. Torsak Chotimongkol

B(Chief Executive officer) Pi Do International Co.Ltd Bangkok, Thailand

Director (Co-ordination)
Rev.Makkanigama Buddhadaththa Thero  (B.A.)
Director (Administration)
Mr. Sumith Liyanarachchi (Assistant Director of Petrolium Corporation)


Director (Planing)
Mr. Ranatunga Bandara (Managing Director of Evident School) 
Director (Finance)
Mr. Ruwan Dunusinga (Manager - Swallow Quick Cabs)   

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